• Heightened agency visibility utilizing social media markets and educational programs, resulting in an increase in donors, community support, and volunteers.


  • Evaluated the success of marketing and outreach in relation to marketing objectives, community and agency impact and business plan objectives.

  • Identified community outreach opportunities including, but not limited to, public speaking events, expos/conferences, cross marketing, educational sessions, event participation, and volunteer engagement.

  • Collected and reviewed agency marketing pieces, worked closely with each program manager to understand the importance, purpose and outcomes of each program, therapy or residential unit, resulting in the creation of marketing pieces that were consistent in branding and communicating the agency's mission while demonstrating the unique features, and program results of each.


  • Worked closely with Board Members and management in developing business plans, budgets, branding and marketing protocol.


  • Consulted with IT personal in the re-designing of agency website, streamlining processes for membership applications, renewals and registration for educational programs and special events, resulting in increased website traffic.


  • Created new marketing materials, quarterly newsletters, Annual Reports and external communications to National and Regional Associations and Support Groups, County Departments, Juvenile Court Judges, Attorneys and Donors regarding new agency initiatives, special events and fund development efforts.


  • Became a spokeswoman and advocate for at-risk female youth at community activities, educating potential donors on life-hurdles many of the residents must, and have overcome, allowing them to be productive community members.