• Evaluated the success of agency programs in relation to agency impact, program budgets and annual business plan objectives.

  • Utilization of QuickBooks for development of annual budgets, financial reports, agency banking, financial reporting to Board Members, Finance Committee, and development of Annual Reports.


  • Responded to expectations of Board Members in a timely manner and with a sense of urgency each required.


  • Hired, and trained staff, provided continuous staff development, and when appropriate, evaluated proposals from freelance writers, web designers, photographers and administrative support staff.


  • Implemented and maintained working timelines for programs, and events to ensure tasks were completed, deadlines met and processes were not stalled.


  • Tracked marketing and media initiatives for fundraising events, educational programs, annual conferences and networking opportunities as they related to the agency budget.


  • Generated quarterly and yearly reports including performance improvement, department and agency budgets, referral tracking, and others as deemed necessary.

  • Worked with team members and volunteers to organize and execute over 20 athletic events serving over 1,300 athletes and providing over 1,500 athletic experience over a three week period.


  • Facilitate onsite tours in coordination with unit or program managers in order to promote and encourage relationship building with clients, parents and donors, respectively.


  • Guided cross-functional teams by establishing concise goals and project objectives, resulting in team cooperation and mission focused outcomes.

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