Professional Synopsis

I am an experienced non-profit leader committed to high standards and a strong work ethic.  My culmination of work experience and strategic perspective helps me look beyond the complexities of a situation, and evaluate options from many different angles.  I understand the operational aspects of an organization, while working toward achieving their mission, vision, and values.


 I discovered my love for non-profit development while volunteering on the Fall Ball committee for my former high school.  At the time, I was an outside sales representative for a chemical company, responsible for a three state territory.  I was also completing my undergraduate degree in Communication, Management and Technology, through Alverno College's weekend program.


It was during a final research project that I had come to realize that I could marry my sales skills and natural ability to create interest and enthusiasm about something I was passionate about.  I utilized my Alverno network and was connected to an Alverno Alumna who was a Director of Development at a local non-profit agency.  I started volunteering with the organization, and shortly after was facilitating one of their educational programs for local schools and scout troops, growing the program by 30%.

My work and dedication to the agency did not go unnoticed by board members and staff.  I was offered a position in the development department, which eventually led to the start of my career in the non-profit arena.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with, and meet, some of the most inspiring and dynamic people, growing my local and national networking resources.


My work in the nonprofit field has also broadened my awareness of the root causes and challenges our community and its members face.  While some of the issues might be difficult for people to comprehend, I have found that using parallel examples, they are familiar with, provide that much needed “a-ha” moment…capturing their attention.  It is then, my culmination of sales skills, passion and contagious enthusiasm make the greatest impact for the organization.


In order to continue doing what I love and advance my career, I went back to Alverno College, this time, to pursue my Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  While at Alverno, I not only expanded my Alverno network, but I broadened my business thought processes as they relate to diversity, inclusion and fiscal responsibility.  Three perspectives you seldom see grouped together, but when integrated properly, they prove to be a catalyst for mission focused ethical growth.


I continue to refine and develop my leadership skills through ongoing education and community involvement.  I thrive in situations where my diverse work experience and education positively impacts an organization.  I take pride in my work ethics and my ability to establish credibility and trust with the organization I represent, and the community I work within.